Great Minds Lecture Series To Present ‘Madama Butterfly: The Suicide That Stays News’

By Francisco Salazar

The Great Minds Lecture Series is set to present a talk on Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly.”

The lecture will present excerpts from “Madama Butterfly” and a discussion about the power of art and the ways in which it influences our social and political views.
The discussion will feature key arias performed by soprano Danielle Pastin, Monika Krajevska, Mark Womach, and Francesco Pavesi. Pianist Jenny Rroji will accompany the artists and a special feature of Jun Kaneko’s brilliant stage and costume design work for “Madama Butterfly” will be on display during the presentation.
The performances will be followed by a discussion panel that includes Bette Talvacchia, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emerita of Art History at the University of Connecticut.

The event will take place on Nov. 6, 2019, at KANEKO in Omaha.