Golda Schultz to Headline The Schubert Club’s 2023-24 Season

By David Salazar

(Credit: Dario Acosta)

The Schubert Club has unveiled its 2023-24 season.

For this article, our focus will be solely on vocal performances.

The company will present a concert featuring Stile Antico as it honors the works of William Byrd. “England’s Nightingale – The Remarkable Music of William Byrd” will feature such singers as Helen Ashby, Kate Ashby, Rebecca Hickey, Cara Curran, Emma Ashby, Rosie Parker, Andrew Griffiths, Jonathan Hanley, Benedict Hymas, James Arthur, Nathan Harrison, and Will Dawes as they perform works by the famed conductor.

Performance Date: Oct. 10, 2023

Soprano Golda Schutz will perform alongside pianist Jonathan Ware. They will showcase a wide range of repertoire featuring women composers including Nadia Boulanger, Emilie Mayer, Rebecca Clarke, and Clara Schumann.

Performance Date: April 10, 2024

Other highlights of the company’s season feature such major artists as the Ariel Quartet, Modigliani Quartet, Lisa Batiashvili, Gautier Capuçon, MILOS, Le Consort, Eunice Kim, and Daniel Hope.