Felix Jarrar’s Song Cycle ‘Songs Of The Soul Beams’ Set For World Premiere

By Francisco Salazar

On Sunday, June 4, 2017, at 8 PM in the BAM Fisher Hillman Studio, award-winning song cycle “Songs of the Soul Beams” by Felix Jarrar and Brittany Goodwin will be presented at Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The song cycle won two prizes from 2017 Sparks Wiry and Cries songSLAM and Brooklyn College Conservatory, Songs of the Soul Beams.

The new experimental work tackles the depth of loss and mourning and it is the first of its kind in recent times to explore probing questions about afterlife and death in an interdisciplinary theatrical setting with professional musicians and artists at BAM, one of NYC’s most prestigious cultural institutions.

Every song in the cycle pays homage to family members and friends of each artist on the project. The unique work gives audiences a chance to peer into the usually untold story of how one deals with loss and grief.

The work is set to star soprano Corrine Byrne, baritone Jeremy Hirsch, Goodwin as Persephone, and actress/pop singer Petra Jarrar as Melinoë. Mélanie Genin is the harpist, and Felix Jarrar serves as the pianist and music director.