Faculty of Cleveland Institute of Music Votes ‘No Confidence’ Against President & Provost

By David Salazar

The Cleveland Institute of Music has issued a no-confidence vote against its current president Paul Hogle and provost Scott Harrison.

Per reports and a statement put out by faculty, there was a vote of 83 to 8 of “No Confidence” against Hogle and another vote of 81 to 10 of “No Confidence” against Harrison.

In the statement, faculty states that the institution is facing its “most dangerous financial situation in decades” and is running its first budget deficit in decades; the statement notes that Hogle accepted a 26.3 percent raise in fiscal years 2021 and 2022. Moreover, they noted that during Hogle’s tenure, there has been a turnover of over 120 members of the staff across numerous departments including Concerts and Events, Development, Marketing, and Admissions, among others.

The statement also notes that Hogle appointed Harrison who “acks any of the traditional qualifications, credentials, and experience required for the role of Provost to the position, leading to serious mismanagement of the Institute’s academic and artistic affairs, as well as repeated actions in violation of traditional academic standards and norms…”

There are also mentions of Hogle ignoring complaints from students regarding the situation with Carlos Kalmar who was investigated for sexual harassment and later cleared. Nonetheless, students openly protested his continued presence at the institution, forcing the conservatory to put him on a leave of absence. 

As recently as November, there had been a petition calling for the firing of the President, Provost, and Kalmar. Earlier this year Kalmar sued the institution for $25 million, alleging defamation from a sexual harassment investigation that later cleared him.