New Cleveland Institute of Music Petition Calls for Firing of President, Provost & Conductor Carlos Kalmar

By David Salazar

Numerous alumni, educators, and performers have submitted a petition to the Cleveland Institute of Music’s Board requesting the firing of President Paul Hogle, Provost Scott Harrison, and conductor Carlos Kalmar.

“Their collective abuse of power has been rampant to the extreme detriment of current and recent students. After watching in horror for several years the mishandling and denial of students’ concerns, we can no longer be idle while our beloved institution rots from within,” reads the petition. “The unilateral hiring of Mr. Kalmar by Mr. Hogle was against the recommendation of the search committee as well as the majority of orchestral students. The blatant disregard of student concerns regarding Mr. Kalmar’s hostile treatment of them is antithetical to the main purpose of a higher learning institution. They have listened time after time to their own faculty and staff reporting the same abuses, dismissed their concerns, and then…. Nothing happens (other than a ‘restructuring’ and sudden departure of the staff member whose job it was to investigate Title IX complaints).”

This is the latest in a series of petitions issued to the board asking for the removal of Hogle from his position as President and CEO. Earlier this month, students submitted another petition in which they outlined the numerous reasons for the institution to rid itself of Hogle and Chair of the Board of Trustees Dr. Susan Rothmann.

Kalmar was recently put on a “leave of absence” following protests from students over his continued presence on campus. Kalmar had been accused of sexual harassment, but the institution cleared him after conducting an internal investigation.

The new petition is seeking out 800 signatures.