Eleonora Buratto to Perform Recital for Renata Tebaldi’s 100th Anniversary

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Dario Acosta)

Soprano Eleonora Buratto will sing a recital on Feb. 1, 2023 in commemoration of legendary opera star Renata Tebaldi’s birthday.

The concert, which is scheduled to take place at the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi Busseto, will showcase Buratto in works by Italian composers.

In a statement, the soprano said, “it will be a great pleasure, in keeping with my commitment to the Renata Tebaldi Museum in Busseto, to sing in a recital on a date which is very dear to me: 1st February, the anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s birth. I’d like to thank all the friends of the Renata Tebaldi Museum for giving me the double honour of inaugurating ‘La strada del melodramma’: the walk of melodramma, and of being world ambassador for the Tebaldi 100 celebrations.”

She added, “For ‘Angel Voice’ to be remembered by opera lovers all over the world there is no need for any of us, but for everything that her devotees continue to do to preserve her memory, there is! That’s why I’m close to the museum that carries Tebaldi’s name throughout the world, and I’m always ready to participate whenever our paths cross in Italy or abroad. I’d like to thank Davide Cavalli for accepting my invitation to perform with me in a program rich in reminders of Tebaldi, and with a few surprises too.”

The concert is the latest in Buratto’s work as an ambassador for the Renata Tebaldi Foundation over the past year during which the organization celebrated the 100th anniversary of Tebaldi’s birth.