David Daniels’ Defense Releases Statement

By Francisco Salazar

Following David Daniels’ indictment with his husband Scott Walters, his defense attornies have released a statement.

Daniels’ attornies said, “David Daniels and Scott Walters are innocent. Nine years ago, they had consensual sex with Sam Schultz after the three men attended several parties together. When the last party ended, Mr. Schultz drove himself to Mr. Daniels’ and Mr. Walters’ apartment at 3:20 a.m. because he wanted to be with them. Mr. Schultz leaves this important fact out every time he tells his story.”

The statement also noted, “There has been confusion about some of the facts in this case, leading to false information being circulated in the media. Mr. Daniels and Mr. Walters were never extradited to Houston. The two men were in Michigan when they were originally charged in January 2019. After being released on bail in Michigan, they voluntarily and at their own expense, traveled to Houston to appear in court.”

“Mr. Daniels is not a party to any civil suit involving the University of Michigan. In October 2018, a civil suit against UM and Mr. Daniels was filed by Andrew Lipian in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The claims against Mr. Daniels were dismissed in February. There is no pending civil litigation against Mr. Daniels. The indictments of Mr. Daniels and Mr. Walters handed down by the Harris County Grand Jury last week were not unexpected and are by no means evidence of guilt. They are merely allegations. The indictments are part of the process of bringing a case to trial where the allegations can be challenged. Grand juries seldom decline prosecutors’ requests for indictments. The presumption of innocence still applies, and Mr. Daniels and Mr. Walters look forward to their day in court.”

Daniels and Walters were indicted earlier this week with the two potentially facing between two and 20 years in prison. The two men were accused of having raped baritone Samuel Schultz in 2010 after a closing-night party for a production at the Houston Grand Opera and Daniels was sued by Andrew Lipian, a former student, over an incident that took place in 2017.