Cathedral Choral Society & Washington Bach Consort to Present ‘Two Cathedrals: Baroque Splendor from Mexico City’

By Francisco Salazar

The Cathedral Choral Society with its Music Director Steven Fox and Washington Bach Consort will present “Two Cathedrals: Baroque Splendor” from Mexico City on Oct. 22, 2023.

The concert will be shown at the Washington National Cathedral and will include music by Joan Batista Sanxo, Manuel de Zumaya, Francisco Lopez Capillas, Santiago de Murcia, Ignacio de Jerusalem, Juan Gutierrez de Padilla, Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz, Dic Nobis, and Maria Capillas.

In a statement, Music Director Fox said, “There’s a great deal of joy in this music. The brightness of choirs singing in polyphony or in antiphony with each other, together with the orchestra, with trumpets and drums, this symbolizes the collision of cultures on this program in such a beautiful way.”