Climbing Mount Everest – Sondra Radvanovsky On Her Evolution in Bellini’s ‘Norma’ [Exclusive]

Every major discipline has its proverbial “Mount Everest,” the pinnacle achievement. The moment of “arrival” in which the person can feel a sense of accomplishment that few others, or only the true greats, have accomplished. In the soprano operatic repertoire, Bellini’s “Norma” is often viewed as that proverbial peak due to its taxing and wide-ranging nature. Lili Lehmann, one of {…}

Childhood Dream Come True – The Role Models That Paved the Way For Joel Prieto’s Operatic Journey [Exclusive]

What do Giuseppe Di Stefano, Mirella Freni and Fritz Wunderlich have in common? While the three opera stars never collaborated, they had a massive impact of Joel Prieto’s formative years. The tenor recently told OperaWire, in an exclusive interview, about how these three icons of opera transformed his life completely and still do in many ways. Early Turning Points It {…}

Committing Murder to Create Life – Bass Andrea Mastroni On Playing the Evil Sparafucile & Moving Beyond Italian Repertoire [Exclusive]

This article was a joint collaboration between David & Francisco Salazar.  “I like playing the villain.” That quote, as generic as it is, has been uttered in some variation by numerous actors throughout history. There is an excitement that comes with being the bad guy or girl. Of committing acts onscreen or onstage that you could never imagine doing out {…}