Q & A: Hector Armienta on ‘El Camino’ & Making an Animated Opera

Last month, Hector Armienta’s animated opera “Mi Camino” premiered for audiences around the world. The work represented one of the first animated operas in the industry and showcased the stories of migrant Latino farmworkers during the pandemic. The Mexican American composer has garnered recognition around the United showcasing works with the Pacific Symphony, Oakland East Bay Symphony, and Western Stage {…}

60 & 50 – Scottish Opera’s Jane Davidson, Karen MacIver & Allan Dunn on the Company’s Anniversary, Education & Outreach

Scottish Opera turns 60 next year, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of its Outreach and Education program, arguably the longest-standing formal company outreach of its kind in the opera world. The department’s activities range from Paisley’s 2018 “Pagliacci”—performed in a tent with a community choir, and for which designer Tim Meacock won the Best Designer Award at the {…}

Q & A : Dingle Yandell on Digital Opera & Popular Music Videos With ‘What Power Art Thou’

(Credit: Zen Grisdale) The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) is actively creating new life in the digital realm of opera by evolving the genre’s traditional standards and exploring alternate creative interpretations to share with audience members at a broader level through a new series called “music video remake” films. The aesthetic concept underlying OAE’s recent film which features bass-baritone {…}

Reviving The San Cassiano – Paul Atkin Discusses His Plan to Rebuild The World’s First Public Opera House (Part 3)

Rebuilding Venice’s San Cassiano theatre will be a formidable task in and of itself, yet behind the scenes there is a raft of other issues and initiatives which need considerable attention. In this third and final part of OperaWire’s interview, Paul Atkin, the man behind the project, discusses some of these concerns, including what it means to be a public {…}

Q&A: Laura Kaminsky & Kimberly Reed on Bringing the Differing Viewpoints & Cultures Together in ‘Hometown to the World’

(Credit: Hawai’i Opera Theatre) The new opera, “Hometown to the World” by composer Laura Kaminsky and librettist Kimberly Reed had its digital world premiere on May 21, 2021, at 1 p.m. HST with Hawai’i Opera Theatre. “Hometown to the World” is commissioned by the Santa Fe Opera and co-commissioned by the Hawai’i Opera Theatre. This work centers on the ICE {…}

Reviving San Cassiano – Paul Atkin Discusses his Plan to Rebuild the World’s First Public Opera House (Part 1)

The year 1637 saw one of operatic history’s defining moments: Venice’s San Cassiano theatre, the world’s first public opera house, opened its doors to the paying public for the first time for a performance of “L’Andromeda” by Francesco Manelli to a text by Benedetto Ferrari. Anyone who could afford the price of a ticket could attend. Opera had escaped the {…}