How Gounod’s ‘Faust’ Became A Violinist’s Dream

Violin fantasies based on major operas was a major trend back in the 1800s with such virtuoso violinists like Sarasate, Paganini, Vieuxtemps and Wieniawski looking for vehicles {…}

The Operas That Christa Ludwig & Teresa Berganza Sang in Common

On the surface, Christa Ludwig and Teresa Berganza have nothing in common, aside from the fact that they were born on the same day, March 16, and were two of the greatest {…}

Artist Of The Week: Klaus Florian Vogt Returns To The Metropolitan Opera After A Decade

Klaus Florian Vogt is regarded as one of the most sought-after Wagnerian tenors his generations. He has marveled audiences with his intense lyricism and his commitment to each {…}