On This Day: A Look At Waltraud Meier’s Roles Outside the Wagner Repertory

Waltraud Meier is recognized as one of the world’s greatest Wagnerians as she has performed most of the great soprano and mezzo roles from the composer. For 20 years she was {…}

On This Day: A Look at Operas That Grace Bumbry Sang As Both Soprano and Mezzo As She Celebrates Her 80th

On Jan. 4 Grace Bumbry will celebrate her 80th birthday. The mezzo soprano is recognized as one of the pioneers in the world of classical music who paved the way for {…}

On This Day: A Look at Maria Stuarda’s Music and Donizetti’s Inventive power

On Dec. 30, 1835 Donizetti’s “Maria Stuarda” made its premiere with the admired soprano Maria Malibran. The opera did not get a good reception due to the two {…}