Artist of the Week: Ailyn Pérez

On Nov. 16, Ailyn Pérez will make history at the Metropolitan Opera when she headlines the first-ever Latin American Opera in the company’s history (and only the third {…}

Starring ‘The Inalienable Property of Genius’: Maria Callas’ Celestial Onstage Quests

(Callas greeting fans. Credit: © Archiv Lebeck.) Editor’s Note: In anticipation of the release of  “The Callas Imprint: A Centennial Biography” on  Dec. 2, 2023, OperaWire is sharing a preview. “Greatness” is a noun too frequently assigned to humans.  Victims of this label view the happening of “genius” as a capricious, “limited time only” gift. Here we follow Callas on {…}

Artist of the Week: Lucas Meachem

This week the Dallas Opera is set to world premiere “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” The opera was originally scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to {…}

Opera Meets Film: Robert Ashley’s TV Opera ‘Perfect Lives’

It’s easier to appreciate Robert Ashley’s 1983 “Perfect Lives” by simply accepting it on faith as an “opera” rather than try to cram it into the narrow {…}