Bard Conservatory Students Create ‘The Home Music Series’

By David Salazar

Several students from the Bard Conservatory have joined forces to create “The Home Music Series.”

The artists involved include Korean pianist Sung-Soo Cho, soprano Meg McClees Jones, baritone Wayne Arthur Paul, and Filipino mezzo-soprano Pauline Tan.

“We have decided to create a recital that centers on the different ways in which we as individuals experience home through the lenses of citizenship, homelessness, and belonging with the music of American composers of art song and musical theater,” Tan told OperaWire in an email.

The showcase, which brings together musicians from Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania, will present American song, interviews, and artist reflections across five episodes starting on Nov. 16. The series will culminate in a full-length concert performance on Nov. 21, 2020.

Among the composers highlighted in the series will be Nina Simone, H. Leslie Adams, William Bolcom, and Jose Sosa Ortega, among many others. There will also be works by poets of different backgrounds, including works by immigrants, veterans, and DREAMers (those who would be affected by the proposed DREAM Act).

The performance can be viewed on Instagram and YouTube.