Young People’s Chorus of New York City to Launch ‘TogetherAgain’ Focused on Mental Health and Well-Being

By Chris Ruel

Young People’s Chorus of New York City (YPC) is set to launch “TogetherAgain,” a new multimedia art installation designed to raise awareness of mental health and well-being among young people. The exhibit opens on Monday, May 15 at 147 West 29th Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea District.

The exhibit includes three chapters, each offering a unique perspective on young people’s emotional and mental states. The exhibit includes music, poetry, voice, photography, film, sculpture, and more.

The first chapter, “The Canon’s Project,” is a film that features compositions from 15 renowned composers, including Paquito D’Rivera, Aneesa Folds, David Lang, and Paola Prestini. Nearly 600 choristers recorded themselves during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, and their voices are featured in the film.

“Poetry in Sculpture,” the second chapter, features seven poems written by choristers based on the themes of balance, compassion, and isolation. These poems are presented on pipe sculptures.

“This Place Meant” is the third chapter and presents 100 verbal portraits of choristers’ stories presented in vessels to create a powerful sound installation.

“‘TogetherAgain’ is a spotlight on what’s happening emotionally and mentally with today’s youth,” said MacArthur Fellow, YPC Founder, and Artistic Director Francisco J. Núñez in an official press statement. “As a music educator that engages with children and young adults daily, I hear their conversations and was inspired by them. I created ‘TogetherAgain’ because it was clear they needed a space to feel seen, heard and understood. Becoming co-creators of this exhibit gave them an opportunity to tell their stories, to heal.”

Choristers, ages 12-18 and from all five boroughs of New York City, took part in creating “TogetherAgain.”