Wexford Festival Opera’s ‘Dorilla in Tempe’ To Make History With Cinema Live Stream

By David Salazar

RTÉ and the Wexford Festival Opera will team up to stream a performance of “Dorilla in Tempe” on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019, making history in the process.

The stream will be broadcast in two fashions. First off, audiences can watch the showcase at the three movie theaters starting at 8 p.m. local time: the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin, the Pálás Cinema in Galway, and Century Cinema in Letterkenny. This is the first time in history that an Irish-produced opera will be broadcast live in cinemas.

But those who can’t watch it in the movie theaters in Ireland will be able to stream it from their computers via RTE.

“RTÉ’s partnership with the Wexford Festival Opera continues to break new ground, this year by also streaming live into three cinemas, and is reflective of how innovation is at the very heart of our efforts to bring the best in arts and culture to a wider audience, wherever they are,” stated Ann-Marie Power, Group Head of Arts & Culture at RTÉ in a press release. “Following last year’s success, the streaming of high quality events has become a central element in the RTÉ’s promotion of arts and culture to Irish audiences, both at home and abroad. We are proud to be involved.”

“Dorilla in Tempe” will be directed by Fabio Ceresa and will be conducted by Andrea Marchio. Manuela Custer, Marco Bussi, and Veronique Valdés will headline the cast.