Wexford Festival Opera to Live Stream ‘Il Bravo’ Worldwide

By David Salazar

The Wexford Festival Opera will live stream the Oct. 27, 2018 performance of “Il Bravo” this season, giving millions of people around the world the ability to watch the Mercadante opera from the comfort of their homes.

The presentation will be done in collaboration with the RTE. The performance will be shared on ARTE.

Moreover, those in the local community of Wexford are also getting an invite to see the performance at the Clayton Whites Hotel for free.

“Ten years after RTÉ broadcast live to the nation from the National Opera House, this year it will live stream Wexford to the world,” stated Chief Executive David McLoughlin on the public screening in Wexford.  And the local Wexford community can avail of the unique opportunity to experience and enjoy together as a group this further ground-breaking step in Wexford’s evolution of a live web broadcast of a Wexford opera production for the first time ever.”

The production will star Rubens Pelizzari, Alessandro Luciano, Gustavo Castillo, Simon Mechlinski, Clarissa Costanzo, and Jennifer Davis. Renaud Doucet directs and Jonathan Brandini will conduct. The opera opened on Oct. 21, 2018.