New York Philharmonic Sued By Matthew Muckey & Liang Wang Following New York Magazine Report

By Francisco Salazar

Associate principal trumpet, Matthew Muckey, and Principal oboist, Liang Wang have sued the New York Philharmonic and its union Local 802 for breach of contract.

The New York Post is reporting that the two musicians, who were put on leave of absence for a New York Magazine exposé that alleges the two musicians sexually abused another musician, have filed a suit in the southern district of New York and are demanding their jobs back.

In a statement to the post Steven Hyman, Muckey’s attorney said, “The matter has been investigated and put to bed and it is time for it to end.”

He added, “The fact is the Philharmonic has acted inappropriately and the union in some ways even worse. Matt should be back working at the Philharmonic again.”

Wang’s attorney, Alan Lewis, told the Post, “Local 802 has not stood up for its loyal member, Liang Wang, even when he has been subject to mistreatment from his employer – without being accused of anything.”

The news comes after the New York Philharmonic opened up an internal investigation following a New York Magazine article detailing an account of alleged sexual misconduct. The story said that the New York Philharmonic players Muckey and Wang drugged and sexually abused horn player Cara Kizer.

Following the report, both Muckey and Wang were put on leave of absence with the Philharmonic stating the players would not be rehearsing or performing with the orchestra for the immediate future.