‘WEAR’ Set For First Fully-Staged Production At Bridewell Theatre In London

By David Salazar
(Photo Courtesy of Alaistair White)

Alastair White’s “WEAR” will be presented in London on August 23 and 24, 2019.

The work, which has been described as “Waiting for Godot” meets “Lulu,” will be presented in its first fully-staged production at the Bridewell Theatre. The opera was nominated for a Scottish Award for New Music earlier this year.

“WEAR is an opera about fashion and apocalypse, set in a future where the use of time-machines has unwoven the fabric of reality itself,” White, who is both the composer and librettist of the work, noted in a press release. “Sure, its fantasy, but you’ve seen the news – the world is actually ending. It is vital we find ways to defy, to resist this, to reclaim our ability to change things for the better. I think it all starts with perception: how we remember the past, and visualize the future.”

The opera will be directed by Gemma A. Williams and will be designed by Derek Lawlor. The cast will feature Kelly Poulens, Patricia Auchterlonie, Susan Parkes, and pianists Ben Smith.