The Curiosity Cabinet to Present Whitney George & Bea Goodwin’s ‘In the Throes of Death’

By David Salazar

The Curiosity Cabinet is set to premiere “In the Throes of Death” this June.

The radio drama by Whitney George and Bea Goodwin will get its first performance on June 19, 2024 at The Cell Theatre in New York and will remain on stage through the 30th for a total of eight performances.

The show is comprised of several different works, all exploring the feelings and emotions connected to the experiences with COVID-19.

“Many people, myself included, are still trying to balance and discern the true impact of the COVID years,” George said in an official press statement. “It was a time of contradiction and duality – there was a kind of peace in the stillness, but at the same time panic and fear. There were closures of offices and performances, but the opening and prioritization of private life. ‘In the Throes of Death’ aims to highlight and process these complex ideas through an immersive theater experience.”

This marks the eighth collaboration between Goodwin and George following such works as “Princess Maleine,” Talisman,” “Fizz & Ginger” and “Paper Daughter,” among others.