Watch Against the Grain Theatre’s Famed Production of ‘La Bohème’

By David Salazar
(Image Source: Against the Grain Theatre Official Website)

As with many other companies around the world, Against the Grain Theatre is excited to share video performances from the past.

In this case, the company is showcasing its famed production of “La Bohème” via CBC Arts. The showcase was toured throughout Canada back in the fall between Sept. 27 through Nov. 7 with the first performance in the Banff Legion. It was then followed up by presentations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Yukon.

The production starred Marcel D’entremont, Jonelle Sills, Clarence Frazer, and Danika Lorèn. Joel Ivany directed the iconic opera in English translation, while David Eliakis will be music director, accompanying the artists from the piano.

Of the production Opera Going Toronto stated, “This is a transcendent ‘La Bohème,’ born in the past, existing in the present with a depth of human resonance so strong, so profoundly felt that it eclipses locale. A welcoming production, supremely satisfying and embracing. An instant contemporary classic.”

Watch the full performance below and learn more about the production at the official website.