Voices of Silicon Valley Releases ‘Search for Perfect Harmony’

By David Salazar

The Voices of Silicon Valley has released its new video production “Search for Perfect Harmony.”

The showcase, which can be viewed on the company’s official YouTube channel, was originally prepared for the release party of the Voice of Silicon Valley’s new album “Voices of Our Time” on the Orpheus label.

”With this video production, we wanted to help the audiences to better understand Stockhausen Stimmung, this avant-garde masterpiece, and to provide an insight on what it was like to work on it from the singer’s perspective. We also wanted our singers to share their thoughts on what it was like to work on Cyril Deaconoff’s pieces Our Time and Kontakion for Pascha, which include electronic and percussion parts,” the Voices of Silicon Valley team told OperaWire.

“Search for the Perfect Harmony” includes interviews with Stimmung singers and the company’s Artistic director Cyric Deaconoff.