Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live! to Stream ‘Orange Blossoms’

By David Salazar

The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live! Will continue its streaming series with “Orange Blossoms.”

The work will stream between Oct. 20-25 and features Joanie Brittingham as Kitty and Bray Wilkins as Baron Roger Belmont. Other cast members include Drew Bolander, Keith Broughton, Susan Case,  Alexa Clint, Alexa Devlin, Colm Fitzmaurice, JoAnna Geffert, Quintin Harris, Jenny Lindsey, Jonathan Fox Powers, David Seatter, Elisabeth Slaten and Sarah Caldwell Smith.

Alyce Mott directed the production with Michael Thomas conducting.

The operetta includes such hit numbers as “Way Out West in Jersey,” “A Dream of Orange Blossoms” and “A Kiss in The Dark.”

This production kicked off the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live!’s fifth season.

This is the latest opera to be streamed as part of the company’s Virtual Concert Series following “The Debutante” and “The Serenade.”