Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live! Announces Virtual Concert Series For 2021

By Logan Martell

Beginning on January 17, 2021, Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live! will present its “VHRP Live! Virtual Concert Series,” featuring archival footage from the company’s past seven seasons.

The series will support company artists who have been out of work since the pandemic started in March of last year, as well as share the work of early Broadway composer Victor Herbert.

Performances will be available on-demand through their respective dates. Here is a breakdown of the schedule.

January 17-24: “The Serenade” – America’s First Musical Theater Masterpiece

February 14-21: “Falling in Love” – Victor Herbert’s Greatest Love Songs

March 14-21: “Heart O’ Mine” – A Magical Irish Virtual Masterpiece

April 18-25: “The Debutante” – A French Marquis, an Opera Diva… a Suffragette? Mon Dieu!

May 16-23: Mystery Show (TBA)

June 20-27: “Orange Blossoms” – Relive the Roaring 20’s – Victor Herbert Style!

Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Alyce Mott and Music Director Michael Thomas, the company is exclusively devoted to works from the Irish-American composer and seeks to highlight the impact he had on Broadway and shaping the American sound of the 20th Century.