United Scenic Artists Local USA 829 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against the Metropolitan Opera

By Francisco Salazar

The United Scenic Artists Local USA 829 has filed three Unfair Labor Practice Charges against the Metropolitan Opera.

The IATSE took to social media to announce that the three charges that were filed were that the Met refused and failed to meet bargain in good faith, the company failed to provide requested information relevant to mandatory terms and conditions of employment, and has engaged in unauthorized direct dealing with bargaining unit members.

The news comes two weeks after the “We are the Met” rally which saw union leaders and workers protest Peter Gelb after the company locked them out in December. Since the lockout, the Met has remained closed and IATSE has alleged the company’s management has refused to negotiate fairly, insisting on 30 percent, take-it-or-leave-it wage cuts that would remain in effect long after audiences return to the theater.

The Union has also repeatedly alleged that the Metropolitan Opera will not open in 2021.

We have reached out to the Metropolitan Opera and more will be published as the story develops.