‘United Arts Studies’ Returns with Fifth Episode

By Afton Wooten

Opera couple soprano Elizaveta Ulakhovich and baritone Perry Sook will release another episode in their six-part video series “United Arts Studies.”

The fifth episode will be released on Oct. 28, 2021, on Youtube and will continue on a monthly basis until complete. The link to their Youtube page can be found here.

Originating during the pandemic, “United Arts Studies” pairs operatic arias and art masterpieces. The story follows two opera singers who with their newfound free time, enroll in an online art history course. During the class, they discover overlapping themes between the two art forms. Each episode explores a painter, a composer or two, and contains operatic performances aligning with the featured art.

So far the series has covered Frida Kahlo and George Frideric Händel, Gustav Klimt and W.A. Mozart, Sandro Botticelli and Antonín Dvořák, and Salvador Dali and Giuseppe Verdi. The upcoming episode will feature Henri Mattise, Benjamin Britten, and Georges Bizet. The final episode will discuss Edgar Degas and Frank Lehar.

The creators Elizaveta Ulakhovich and Perry Sook are both internationally recognized performers. More information about the artist or “United Arts Studies” can be found on their website.