Timuca Arts Foundation to Present Nathan Felix Double-Bill with ‘The War Bride’ and ‘Ribas-Domincci’

By Logan Martell

On December 10, 2021, Timuca Arts Foundation will present the Florida premieres of composer Nathan Felix’s “The War Bride,” and “Ribas-Dominicci.”

The two chamber operas are military-inspired works. “The War Bride” follows Jean Groundsell Contreras, a British immigrant in 1940s USA. “Ribas-Dominicci” is based on the Air Force hero Fernando Luis Ribas-Dominicci, whose jet was shot down near Libya in April of 1986 during Operation El Dorado Canyon.

Both works will be presented in tandem, beginning at 7 pm, and will feature a cast comprised of local and national talent, with Molly Ann Anderson and Pedro Carreras Jr. leading in “The War Bride,” and Sarah Purser, Mark Cotton, and Jacob Pence leading “Ribas- Domincci.” Conductor Ethan Lolley leads the ensemble, joined by The Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra’s VoxOCCO choir.