Time In to Host All-Star Benefit Featuring Ailyn Pérez

By Logan Martell

As part of their ongoing mission to support the developing creativity of children in Harlem and South Bronx, Time In will be hosting a charity benefit on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

The benefit, titled “Puccini with Passion,” will feature soprano Ailyn Pérez and tenor Brian Jagde as they perform selections from the historic composer’s works. Also present will be the artwork created by some of the children who have had their school visited by the Time In Children’s Arts Initiative.

There are varying levels of patron sponsorship, which range from allowing the purchase of music and art supplies, all the way to making music and art lessons for 30 classes throughout the area a weekly part of their school curriculum.

From Time In’s mission and values statement: “We believe that life-long learners and leaders emerge not from punitive time outs, but from effective participation in the real world. Time In’s vibrant, interdisciplinary arts initiative ensures that underserved children, who would otherwise have no access to services of this quality, receive the material knowledge and positive reinforcement that they need to become both effective and knowledgeable creators, as well as engaged, responsible and thoughtful participants in a larger democracy. Every child, regardless of socio-economic background is entitled to a thoughtfully crafted, arts-enriched education in which each individual child’s talents and needs are recognized, and the support for greater creativity, intelligence, self-esteem and a brighter, better future is more than just a promise.”