TigerBear Productions Presents ‘Unbound’

By David Salazar

TigerBear Productions has premiered Nathan Hall and Alan Olejnicza’s “Unbound,” a new chamber opera with electronic dance music.

The work, which opened on Oct. 20 and runs through Nov. 5, 2022, will be presented at Superbloom Studios in Palm Springs, California. It stars Jason Mannino, Michael Richerson, Charlie Harding, Justin P. Lopez, John Zurek, Raul Valenzuela, and Paul Kowal. Jerome Joseph Gentes directs.

Per the opera’s official website, “Unbound is a chamber opera with a kink theme never yet explored in the field, merging classical vocal training with true-to-life fetish experience. It is a 60-minute production in English, with a few phrases in Swedish.”

Moreover, the website promises an immersive experience, noting that “You’re in the same room as all the actors and their interactions, free to stand, sit, recline, or find a better angle to watch and listen. Get a little closer (without disrupting the action or actors) or watch and listen everything from a distance. There is near-nudity in the performance and adult content but no live sexual acts. Contact from the audience is not allowed but the audience is encouraged to come dressed in their finest kink attire.”

To attend, you must be 21 or older.

The opera premiered last year in Denver.