Third Eye Theatre Ensemble to Present Han Lash’s ‘Beowulf’

By Afton Wooten

Third Eye Theatre Ensemble will present the midwest premiere of composer and librettist Han Lash’s “Beowulf” this September.

Lash’s “Beowulf” portrays a different sort of character than the Old English poem by the same name. Instead, this Beowulf, a military doctor, copes with past trauma from war. This story brings to light the struggles of modern-day heroes and what it means to show compassion and love in hard times.

Jason Carlson serves as the musical director alongside Alexandra Enyart who will conduct the chamber orchestra. The cast includes Noah Gartner, Angela Born, Mary Lutz Govertsen, Rena Ahmed, and Vince McPherson. Andrew Sprague covers the role of Beowulf.

“Beowulf” will take place at the Edge Off Broadway in Chicago from Sept. 2 through 11.

In support of human rights groups, Third Eye will donate $1 for every ticket sold to Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors.