‘The Voice of Silence’ To Feature World Premieres by Georgia Shreve

By David Salazar

Conductor Steven Mercutio will lead a performance of “The Voice of Silence,” which will feature two world premieres by composer Georgia Shreve.

The showcase, set for March 30, 2020 at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, will feature sopranos Alexandra Nowakowski and Meredith Lustig; mezzo-sopranos Megan Moore and Carla Jablonski; tenors Adrian Dwyer and Roy Hage; and baritones Brandon Cedel and Timothy McDevitt.

Among the pieces that will be performed are “Lavinia,” which is inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s feminist take on “The Aeneid.” It focuses on Lavinia, the third woman in Aeneas’ life; the work emphasizes the romance between her and the legendary hero as well as Aeneas’ battle with Turnus, the evil suitor who started a war to win her hand. The performance of “Lavinia” will feature a video montage of paintings by artist Barnaby Fitzgerald.

Additionally, the concert will also include a performance of “Portraits of the 20th Century,” a 10-movement reflection on the events of the last 100 years. The first three movements of the piece were performance in Carnegie Hall back in 2016. The movements are entitled “Environment,” “Depression,” “War,” “Flight,” “Exile,” “Silence,” “The Names They Had,” “God Have Mercy,” “History,” and “Silence.”