‘The Uprising Of The Warsaw Ghetto’ To Have Its World Premiere

By Nicole Kuchta

Eighty-nine year old Holocaust survivor Harry Bialor’s new opera “The Uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto” will soon have its world premiere in Brooklyn.

Bialor hid in an underground potato cellar with his sister and two other children from 1941 – 1943, coming out only at night to steal food and livestock. He lost his parents and three siblings.

Act one of his opera tells the story of modern day Israel and its victory at Entebbe, Uganda in 1976, while Act two transports viewers back to 1942 to experience “the tremendous destruction that happened to the Jewish population of the Warsaw Ghetto.”

The opera will feature soloists, chorus, and orchestra led by Pacien Mazzagatti.

The performance will be held in the YesHivah HS Auditorium at 3 pm on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019.