The New York Opera Society to Present ‘The Runaways’

By Afton Wooten

The New York Opera Society presents the solo recital “The Runaways” performed by American mezzo-soprano Anna Tonna and Spanish pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo.

“The Runaways” showcases works by living composers from Spain, who came to New York City to expand their creative endeavors. These émigrés Spanish composers from three generations featured on the program are Ricardo Llorca, Sonia Megias, and Octavio Vázquez. Joseph Patrych hosts a post-recital talk.

The concert is held at Klavierhaus in New York City on Oct. 26. A livestream will be made available via YouTube.

Per its official website, “The New York Opera Society (NYOS) develops new audiences for opera by commissioning, creating, and funding exemplary productions. To that end, NYOS serves as a conduit to the public by disseminating important messages, musical inspiration, and seminal artistic performances via partnerships with major performance venues, corporations, nonprofits and governments to present the work of our artists.”