The New Song Project Announces Inaugural Concert

By David Salazar

The New Song Project is set to present its inaugural concert on August 20, 2023.

The performance will star Lucho Guedes, Cecilia Duarte, Dominic Delzompo, Kirill Kuzmin, Amanda Pascali, and Federico De Michelis.

The New Song Project aims to support composers, writers, and performances by helping them create new songs. It was founded by De Michelis.

“The New Song Project is a long term project. We are looking to show the opera industry that there’s a lot to explore and discover in other genres,” De Michelis told OperaWire. “There are plenty of young composers, writers and storytellers that deserve to be on our stages and writing for our audience and performers. We want to help both worlds get closer and help each other. Not by creating yet another mediocre crossover, but by telling good stories in a genuine way with the highest artistic expression possible.

“The idea is to do what we are doing with composers with writers as well. Opera and the performing arts in general are in crisis in terms of stories and script writers. And that is not going to change unless we invest in these writers that have a lot to say, but might need to learn about the operatic world and how it works. We also have to educate our audience to accept today’s themes, language and diversity. Good stories are still out there, we need to invest in training and educating our writers to adapt to theater and opera,” he continued. “We all have a song or a poem that changed our life. This project looks to support the composers and writers who make that difference in our lives so they can keep writing, studying and growing the art of storytelling and changing people, one song at a time.”

The event kicks off at 7 p.m. local time at The Match Theater in Houston, Texas.



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