The Music Troupe to Present Three New Operas by Edward Lambert

By Chris Ruel

The Music Troupe has announced the presentation of three new chamber operas by founder Edward Lambert beginning in late-August 2023. The group will also present a dementia-friendly performance in collaboration with the Geller Institute of Ageing and Memory.

Here’s the rundown of The Music Troupes’ scheduled performances.

“The Last Siren,” by Lambert, with words by Norman Welch, relates the story of a contest between two sirens who lure sailors to their doom with their stunning voices. But when one siren finds love, the competition grows fierce.

The opera, directed by Jenny Weston, stars mezzo soprano Arlene Belli, as the siren Dimitra, and soprano Louise Fuller, as Belinda, a novice.

“The Last Siren” is part of Tête-à-Tête: The Opera Festival.

Performance Date: Aug. 31, 2023 at The Cockpit, London

A dementia-friendly presentation of “The Last Siren” takes place the afternoon prior. There will be no changes to the performance or content, rather the safety of the venue, and staff and volunteers experienced at working with people with dementia, will create a safe place to experience the art form.

Performance Date: Aug. 30, 2023 at Lawrence Hall at The University of West London in Ealing

In November, The Music Troupe will present the second new opera by Lambert, “Masque of Vengeance (or The Revenger’s Tragedy).” Adopted from Middleton’s 1606  “The Revenger’s Tragedy,” and directed by David Edwards, the tragicomic opera has a cast of nine singers who tell a story of criminality, lust, and murder. The opera stars soprano Laure Meloy as Duchess; soprano Madeline Robinson as Virginia; mezzo-sopranos Frances Gregory  and Mae Heydorn as Vindicio and Gratiana, respectively; countertenor Matt Paine as Prince, tenors Lawrence Thackeray and William Diggle as Spurio and Vacuo, respectively; baritone Phil Wilcox sings the role of King; and bass Christopher Foster that of Antonio.

Performance Dates: Nov. 7, 8, and 9, 2023 at The Cockpit and on Nov. 12 at Stoller Hall in Manchester

“The Duchess of Padua,” Lambert’s third opera, presents a Gothic story of revenge, passion, and murder based on the play by Oscar Wilde. This grand “Italian-style” work features arias, ensembles, a love duet, and a death scene, performed by four vocalists and piano duet. Cast to be announced.

Performance Dates: Feb. 18, at The Croft Hall; Feb. 20, at The Space, London; Mar. 2, at Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond; Mar 3, at The Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester; and Mar. 17, 2024, at Stables Theatre, Hastings