The MET Orchestra Receives Generous Grant

By Francisco Salazar

The MET Orchestra has received generous donations to support its members after being furloughed with no salary since April 1, 2020.

The Spring Point Partners donated $150,000 to the orchestra’s 501(c)3 fund that supports The MET Orchestra Musicians, Associates, Music Staff and Librarians through needs-based grants.

In a statement C. Graham Berwind III, a Director of Spring Point Partners said, “As a board member of three arts organizations – The Metropolitan Opera, Dramatists Guild Foundation, and Opera America – I’m acutely aware what effect the total shut down of the performing arts is having on people who bring the arts to life.  While we all wait for the day it is safe for performers and audiences to return to theaters, many performers are experiencing financial hardship as major arts organizations announce the cancellation of their seasons.“

He added,  “I felt it was important not only to support these organizations to help sustain them, but also to provide assistance directly to campaigns established to make emergency grants to artists in need – such as the ones started by the MET Orchestra Musicians, the Met Chorus Artists, and the Dramatists Guild Foundation.“

The Metropolitan Opera’s closure since March 12 had led 30 percent of the MET Orchestra Musicians to move out of  New York City. The orchestra has since launched a concert platform and will present its opening concert on November 22 at 3 p.m. EST. All proceeds will go to the MET Orchestra Musicians Fund benefitting over 150 musicians in need, including full-time orchestra members, associates, librarians, and affiliated music staff.