The Kurt Weill Foundation Reveals Semifinalists For 2019 Lotte Lenya Competition

By David Salazar

The Kurt Weill Foundation has announced the 28 semifinalists for the 2019 Lotte Lenya Competition.

Among the semifinalists were a whopping 24 Americans, one Canadian, two Germans, and one Russian. Nine of the semifinalists were over the age of 30 and 19 were under 30; of those 19, six were under the age of 25.

The semifinalists are Lily Arbisser (USA, 32), Carolyn Bacon (USA, 28), Brittany Baratz (USA, 32), Danielle Beckvermit (USA, 26), Paula Berry (Canada, 25), Daniel Berryman (USA, 28), Kyle Bielfield (USA, 31), Sarah Bishop (USA, 26), Timothy Bruno (USA, 31), Jessica Fishenfeld (USA, 27), Jonathan Heller (USA, 24), Michael Hewitt (USA, 28), Jonah Hoskins (USA, 22), Suzanne Lane (USA, DC, 28), Claire Leyden (USA, 24), Trevor Martin (USA, 30), Scott McCreary (USA, 29), Florian Peters (Germany, 31), Sun-Ly Pierce (USA, 24), Katherine Riddle (USA, 27), Claudia Roick (Germany, 30), Rachel Sparrow (USA, 31), Maria Vasilevskaya (Russia, 24), Adam von Almen (USA, 32), Nyla Watson (USA, 28), Amy Weintraub (USA, 24), Jeremy Weiss (USA, 25), and Andrea Wozniak (USA, 28).

The semifinals are set for March 7 and 8, 2019. Contestants will audition and be coached by Broadway music director and conductor Andy Einhorn as well as opera composer Jeanine Tesori. The final is set for April 13, 2019. All 28 will be competing for a chance to take home top prizes of $20,000, $15,000, and $10,000.

Additionally, seven singers received Emerging Talent Awards with a cast prize of $500. They include Jenna Barbieri (USA, 21), Sondrine Bontemps (USA, 21), Katie Kallaus (USA, 21), Maxwell Levy (USA, 22), Lee Metaxa (USA, 19), Kaylee Terrell (USA, 19), and Elsie Wagner Sherer (USA, 19).