The Industry to World Premiere ‘STAR CHOIR’

By David Salazar

Los Angeles’ The Industry is set to present the world premiere of “STAR CHOIR” on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2023.

The interstellar chamber opera by Malik Gaines and Alexandro Segade, explores a starship crew seeking refuge on a hostile planet. “Once there, the colonists encounter intelligent life imperceptible to their all-too-human awareness. As the planet defends itself from their invasive presence, the humans evolve to become a part of the Holobiont, a queerly multi-species organism that covers this world. ‘STAR CHOIR’ offers a meditation on the challenges and pleasures of mutual coexistence, reimagining humanity as a porous category that must transform to survive,” an official press release notes.

“STAR CHOIR” was commissioned by Clockshop in 2016 and was later featured at the Park Avenue Armory’s Artist’s Studio Series in 2019 before getting produced at a workshop in 2022.

The opera, which is composed for an ensemble of eight singers, will star Kelci Hahn, Sarah Beaty, and Jon Lee Keenan, among others. Marc Lowenstein conducts.

“’STAR CHOIR’ adds another distinctive voice to the Industry’s production history of colorful and deeply human music in conversation with uniquely dramatic locations. Malik’s music is lyrical, ethereal, and theatrical. The words dance through space. It is a magical fit for the Mt Wilson Observatory,” Lowenstein added.