‘The Glacier – Opera 2.0’ Coming to NYC This November

By David Salazar

“The Glacier – Opera 2.0” will be presented in New York City on Nov. 22, 2019 at OPERA America.

The event, which wil be presented in collaboration with American Festival of Microtonal Music, will feature a wide range of musical possibilities including a combination of different microtonal systems, graphic video score (in absence of sheet music), mix-up of music styles (avant-garde, jazz and rock), video art, and a “virtual“ singer on a video screen and radio play.​​

The opera tells the story of two twins climbing up a glacier. But when one of them falls off and dies, the other goes on a journey around the world, finding his lost half in every bit of nature he encounters. When he goes back to the scene of the death, he encounters a mountain phantom that is strongers than any human.

“The thoughts of the protagonist are changing between life and projection, a​​ virtual singer appears, … Even from a stylistic point of view, the opera isn’t conventional: the story line​​ is frequently cut and mixed up,” says the press release for the opera. “Sometimes the story is told in a radio play style, other times dance, video​​ and performative play drive the story further.”

The work will feature Jean Bermes as the singer with Nicole Erbe directing. Musicians include Dan Auerbach, Christian Klinkenberg, Melle Weijters, Johnny Reinhard, Jacob Elkin, Stephan Klinkenberg, and Vedran Mutic. Video will be provided by Ludwig Kuckartz with the Graphic Score by Mark Kirschvink.