The Curiosity Cabinet & Fresh Squeezed Opera to Premiere Jazz Opera ‘Fizz & Ginger’

By Chris Ruel

The Curiosity Cabinet has partnered with Fresh Squeezed Opera for the premiere of a groundbreaking jazz opera, “Fizz & Ginger.”

The production reunites the critically acclaimed duo of composer/conductor Whitney George and librettist/stage director Bea Goodwin, known for their previous work on their acclaimed opera “Princess Maleine” and radio drama tryptic “In the Throes of Death.”

An immersive speakeasy scene designed by Attilio Rigotti of Glitch Productions will take over the cellar of The New York Comedy Club, allowing audiences to step back into the 1920s. The combination of drinks and dancing gives the performance an authentic atmosphere in a unique setting. Jay Saint Flono served as dramaturg and researcher.

“Fizz & Ginger” brings to life the story of a 1920s New Yorker nightlife reviewer, Lipstick, portrayed by Sarah Goldrainer. Lipstick, in search of a story, stumbles into a diverse crowd, each character with their own tale to tell. A live jazz combo complements the six-singer ensemble comprising Shane Brown (Benny), Kyle Oliver (Old Tom Bullock), Allison Gish (Marjorie), MaKayla McDonald (Nellie), and Francisco Corredor (Bruce).

“Fizz & Ginger” runs June 19, 25 & 26, 2023, at The New York Comedy Club, at 85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003. Tickets are available now.

The Curiosity Cabinet is committed to serving all audiences regardless of economic barriers in our New York community by offering fresh, immersive classical music presentations while mirroring our city’s diversity and stories.

Fizz & Ginger is supported by Fresh Squeezed Opera and generous grants from NYSCA and CDF.