The American Opera Project to Provide Sneak Peek of ‘The Christmas Spider’

By David Salazar

On Nov. 21, 2020, The American Opera Project will present a special preview showcase of “The Christmas Spider,” an opera by composer Clint Borzoni and librettist John de los Santos.

The showcase, which can be streamed online via the company’s official website, will be hosted by James Danner and will feature interviews with the composer and librettist as they discuss their new work and provide a sneak peek for viewers.

The opera stars Andrea Jones-Sojola as Olha, Kyle Pfortmiller as Fedorov, Veronica Tsao as Zoya, and Emmanuel Tsao as Dmytro. Music Director Mila Henry will play piano and percussion while Leah Asher will perform on the violin, Meaghan Burke will play cello and Domenica Fossati will be on flute.

The production’s film editor is Andrew McIntyre with Charles Danner as Sound Engineer. James Danner and Amanda Hameline are the producers.

The event is presented in collaboration with AMANDA + JAMES and the Playtime Series.