TENET Vocal Artists Unveils 2024 Season

By David Salazar

TENET Vocal Artists has unveiled its 2024 winter / spring season which includes four performances and a Germany tour.

First up is “Forces of Nature,” a program featuring the works of Dufay, Binchois, Jacopo da Bologna, and Hildegard von Bingen, among others. Per the official press release, ” The concert is a deep dive into the stories of historical figures in celebration of mythical goddesses. It re-examines female archetypes through the poetry of Christine de Pizan, the original ‘Carmina Burana,’ and the voices of the ancient Sibyls.”

Performance Dates: Feb. 10, 2024

Then comes “Stabat Mater,” which showcases Pergolesi’s famed work. The concert also includes Isabella Leonarda’s sonatas.

Performance Dates: March 8, 2024

Then comes “Power of Mythology” in collaboration with Novus NY and Trinity Wall Street at St. Paul’s Chapel. The concert includes a new commission by Reena Esmail, poetry and musical arrangement by Larry Rosenwald and Shira Kammen, and video projection by Camilla Tassi.

Performance Dates: April 20, 2024

Finally, the company presents Bach’s B Minor Mass. The cast is made up of mainly woman-identifying performers.

Performance Dates: June 1, 2024

As for the Germany tour, the ensemble will head to Frankfurt, Kassel, and Cologne to present works by Monteverdi and Schütz, among others.

Performance Dates: June 2-9, 2024

First up on the fall slat is “Exultemus,” a program featuring works by Buxtehude, Rozycki, Schütz, and Zielenski, among others.

Performance Dates: Sept. 21, 2024

Triomphi’s “A Poet’s Vision of Love and Truth” will be showcased in partnership with Piffaro.

Performance Dates: Oct. 19, 2024

Closing out the fall season is “Ariadne Unbound,” which includes works by Monteverdi, Francesca Caccini, and Barbara Strozzzi.

Performance Dates: Nov. 16, 2024