Teatro Real de Madrid to World Premiere ‘The Letter Opener’

By David Salazar

The Teatro Real de Madrid is set to present the world premiere of “El Abrecartas” this February.

The final opera by composer Luis de Pablo, with a libretto by Vicente Molina Foix, will open on Feb. 16 and is set to run for six performances through the 26th.  The opera is set to star tenors Airam Hernández (Federico García Lorca), José Manuel Montero (Rafael), Mikeldi Atxalandabaso (Alfonso) and Jorge Rodríguez-Norton (Andrés Acero); baritons Borja Quiza (Vicente Aleixandre), José Antonio López (Miguel Hernández) and Vicenç Esteve (Ramiro); mezzo-sopranos Ana Ibarra (Salvador / Setefilla) and Laura Vila (Shadow), Countertenor Gabriel Díaz (Policeman) and bass David Sánchez (Eugenio D’Ors). Fabián Panisello conducts.

The opera will be directed by Xavier Albertí and based on a novel by Foix that won the Premio Nacional de Narrativa in 2007.

Audiences unable to see any performance of “El Abrecartas” will be able to see it when the work is broadcast throughout Spain via Radio Clásica, de RNE.