Teatro Grattacielo to Present Free ‘Fedora’ Stream to Kick off 2021

By David Salazar

New York-based company Teatro Grattacielo has announced that it will be kicking off 2021 with a presentation of Umberto Giordano’s “Fedora” on Jan. 3, 2021.

The showcase, which will be presented via the company’s official website and YouTube channel, will be free to the public for 24 hours. As part of the streaming showcase, audiences will be able to enjoy a “Meet the Stars” event at 2 p.m. EST.

The opera was directed by Malena Dayen and conducted by Israel Gursky with Michelle Johnson taking on the title role. Joining her is Jeremy Brauner as Loris, Marcello Guzzo as De Siriex, Maria Brea as Olga, Samuel White as Desirè, Eugenia Forteza as Dimitri, Rubin Casas as Grech, Michael Gracco as Lorek, Brian Montgomery as Cirillo, Jordan Weatherston Pitts as Rouvel, Rick Agster as Borov, Kinneret Ely as a peasant boy, Pavel Suliandziga as Sergio, William Desbiens as Nicola, and Ezio Pelliteri as Fisarmonica.

“For this production I was by inspired by mystery films and film noir and the goal was to capture this performance of Fedora as close to live as possible. For most scenes we shot only one take. Even in video, the audience gets to see a real performance of this Verismo gem, where operatic singing is on the spotlight,” Dayen told OperaWire.

Teatro Grattacielo’s darker, sepia-toned “Fedora,” as directed by Malena Dayen, is an opera you need to see today. It’s here to give you hope, that tomorrow exists even for those collectives who are now forced to abandon even the most familiar basis of opera performance but not giving up on the big artform’s potential as a chamber concert format,” said OperaWire’s own Polina Lyapustina in her review of this production.