Teatro Grattacielo & Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy Add Major Personnel

By David Salazar

Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy have announced major personnel to their organizations.

It was announced that Salvatore Piscitelli will be the Director for Italian Institutional Relations for both companies. Additionally, Professor Eny V. DI Iorio will be joining the board of directors for Teatro Grattacielo.

Piscitelli is a former Italian Senator who served for five years between 2008-2013. He was elected for two terms as Municipal Councilor of the City of Porto Recanati and Deputy Mayor and Tourism, Culture, and Finance Councilor for the city. In 2006, he became on eo fhte co-founders of “La Ginestra Award – Premio Leopardiano.”

Iorio is the Dean of Academic Development at the Institute Lorenzo de ‘Medici in Florence.

“I am proud and pleased to be part of the Board of Directors of Camerata Bardi and Teatro Grattacielo. I firmly believe in the interchange of knowledge and culture, and the growth of the Italian heritage across the world. If the Italian arts have the chance to spread out and to be shared, the entire world will take advantage of it,” Professor Di Iorio said in a press release.