Teatro Grattacielo Announces Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy Participants

By David Salazar

Teatro Grattacielo, in collaboration with the Bel Canto International Club, has announced its Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy, which is set to take place in New York City between April 13-19, 2020.

For this first year, the company is championing seven Academy singers including soprano Anush Avetisyan, bass-baritone Michael Pitocchi, mezzo-soprano Maria Zoi, mezzo-soprano Eugenia Forteza, tenor Adam Goldstein, baritone Darian Worrell, and baritone Michael Gracco.

The Academy members will engage in a wide range of training sessions specializing in Italian diction as well as voice lessons and musical / dramatic coachings. The singers will also be a part of the company’s upcoming production later in 2020.

Among the mentors for this year’s program are tenor Francesco Anile, Italian diction coach Stefano Baldasseroni, and conductor Filippo Ciabatti.

“The Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy aims to promote Italian Language and culture , specifically connected to opera , through educational programming, workshops, masterclasses geared for young professional opera  singers  as well as school aged youth and general public,” stated the company’s mission statement regarding the new Academy.