Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Announces Collaboration with Damiano Michieletto for Caracalla Festival 2025

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Fabrizio Sansoni)

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma has announced that Damiano Michieletto will program the Caracalla Festival 2025, the year of the jubilee.

The idea for the project was conceived in the last months with Michiletto who has worked with the opera house on productions of “Rigoletto” and “Giulio Cesare in Egitto.”

In a statement, Superintendent Francesco Giambrone said, “Working with an artist like Damiano Michieletto is always a harbinger of very high stimuli. In the last period, we have been lucky enough to stage two of his shows, one of which was in Caracalla. The idea of ​​a collaboration based on a different type of creativity was born precisely from daily work and the time spent together. His overflowing imagination and his formidable intuition seemed to us to be the ideal characteristics for the creation of a program of shows to be held in a complex and seductive space such as that of the Terme di Caracalla. After all this year our summer festival has become a real festival, with opera, dance, cinema, theatre, symphonic music, jazz, and pop. All that was missing was a great artist to seal the billboard with his stamp. We found him and gave him carte blanche, starting from the idea we had been working on together for years, of his production of Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story,’ scheduled for summer 2025.”

For his part Michieletto said, “I am happy to immediately get to work with the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, to try to build an exciting program to offer to the public of the Caracalla”