Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Announces Cast Change for Second Half of ‘La Sonnambula’ Performance

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma has announced a cast change for the second half of the April 14 performance of “La Sonnambula.”

The company announced that after the first act, Ruth Iniesta would sing the title role replacing Lisette Oropesa.

For her part, Oropesa took to Instagram and said, “Dear friends, I’m so sorry, but I’m feeling sick and could not finish the performance of ‘La Sonnambula’ here in Rome today. I want to thank my colleague the amazing Ruth Iniesta for jumping into the second act on short notice. She’s a superstar and the audience will be so happy.”

Iniesta is currently performing the role as part of the second cast and performed on April 13. For the April 14 performance, she joined John Osborn, Roberto Tagliavini, Monica Bacelli, and Francesca Benitez.

Oropesa is set to return to the production on April 16, 2024.


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