Teatro Comunale di Bologna Announces Cast Change for ‘Don Giovanni’

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro Comunale di Bologna has announced a cast change for its “Don Giovanni” production on May 26, 2024.

The company said Olga Peretyatko will not sing the opening performance as Donna Anna due to illness. As a result, Valentina Varriale will sing the role. 

In a statement, Peretyatko took to social media and said, “Unfortunately, I have bad news for tonight, I’ve got a virus, and it’s not better since 2 days, so I made a difficult decision to cancel tonight my opening night of don giovanni, but if you are not OK, better not to sing, that’s I’ve learned already. Toi toi toi to Valentina Varriale who will jump in for me! And in bocca al lupo a tutti!!!! It’s my 3rd cancellation in 10 years…”

Varriale will sing alongside Nahuel Di Pierro, Abramo Rosalen, René Barbera, Karen Gardeazabal, Davide Giangregorio, Nicolò Donini, and Eleonora Bellocci.

Martijn Dendievel conducts the production by Alessandro Talevi.