The Wonderful World of Opera Dogs: Rosa Ponselle – Poodles, Puccini, and an Italian Police Dog

(Credit: Courtesy Lester Dequaine Collection on Rosa Ponselle, Arthur Friedheim Library, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University) The customs agent stationed on the wharf wasn’t quite sure what he was seeing. An imposing, dark-haired woman with large brown eyes was preparing to board a ship for a voyage to the United States. Wrapped around her shoulder was what appeared to be {…}

‘The Queen of Queens in All of Singing’ – A Deep Dive into the Genius of Soprano Rosa Ponselle

(Credit: Metropolitan Opera) “It was the most glorious voice that ever came from any woman’s throat in the Italian repertory, with a precocious sense of line, style, and emotional honesty,” declared the legendary record producer Walter Legge, whose wife happened to be soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. “Ponselle began and ended prima donna assoluta.” Rosa Ponselle’s story really is the plot of {…}